Helpful moving tips from Happy Truck Removals  in Toowoomba

    Moving tips and helpful check lists

    Here at Happy Truck Removals, we offer the people of Toowoomba guides to loading and moving tips, based on over 20 years of experience in the moving industry. Ultimately, you are responsible for the way in which you load the truck, so please use our guides as a suggestion only . With our expert advice, moving tips, modern truck and experienced driver, we are sure to make your move a happy move. 

    Loading suggestions:

    • Place standard sized packing cartons across the front of the truck to make a loading platform where awkward lounge suites can be placed.
    • Load the largest items onto the truck first , keeping them upright. Make sure you balance the truck by placing heavy items on opposite sides.
    • Use furniture padding to protect wooden surfaces and corners. Furniture padding is included with our truck at no extra charg e. 
    • Next, move longer items onto the truck , including mattresses, long mirrors, headboards and table tops. Place these items against the longest walls of the truck to keep them upright and to save space. Then use mattress covers or furniture padding to protect your mattresses.
    • Dissemble bed frames and tape pieces together before loading onto the truck. Keep all nuts and bolts in a container so you don’t lose them.
    • Use the large and heavy boxes to fill any cavities beneath tables , under desks or any similar items.
    • All light boxes can be stacked on top of heavier boxes .
    • Load fragile or awkward shaped items last, ensuring they don't move around during transit.
    • A good place for fridges, washing machines and other heavy electrical goods is just forward of the rear wheels.

    Don't forget to:

    • E mpty the fridge and place contents in an esky. Defrost the fridge the day before.
    • Remove the microwave plate and pack it with other breakables.
    • Empty drawers and cupboards , as it is unwise to try to move them when they are full.
    • Let pot plants dry out a little and don't water for a couple of days prior to move.
    • Keep carton contents to a manageable weight . You need to lift them easily without allowing them to collapse.
    Our trucks have both side and rear doors to make loading and unloading easy. They also have air bag suspensions to ensure a smooth ride for your furniture and assets.

    For moving tips or to book a truck, call us on 07 4630 2211 or 0408 621226 today!

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