Safe and secure truck rental service
    Toowoomba to Qld/nsw locations

    Save $$$$ - be organised

    • have everything packed prior to uplift; don't let the hours tick by while you are still packing
    • move as much as possible to one central uplift position (eg garage, front lawn) BEFORE the truck arrives - this save time and $$$

    The Happy Truck Removals team knows precisely how costly moving your home and business can be. Along with providing quality truck rental services, we thought we’d share our money saving secrets. With our truck rental services and knowledge, you will save not only money, but valuable time as well.

    Have willing helpers

    • at least TWO able-bodied people are required to load. No-one can do it on their own.
    • 3-4 people loading/unloading are as many as you need - too many will get in each other's way.
    • you are relying on your helpers to be there - explain how important this is to you.

    Other cost saving measures


    We can't stress enough the benefits of having a large pantec to house your furniture and effects.

    • For small amounts of furniture you can deck load and not have to pack on top of anything
    • If you have a lot of furniture then there is no larger pantec legally allowed in a fixed rigid form - you'll need a small semi trailer to take more furniture  

    How we compare to other truck rental services

    You know what you are getting!

    • the truck shown on this page is the one you will get
    • the pantec is as big as you can get without upgrading to a semi trailer
    • you will always get Steve, the owner, to drive it for you - he's familiar with this combination
    • you will have the use of packing blankets, 2 and 4 wheel trolleys, and tied downs at no extra charge
    • our quotes are all inclusive - from a fixed per 10 hr day maximum for local removals to a fixed quote for out of town removals.
    • there is NO GUESSWORK - you don't have to guess how many kms you are moving, and you don't have to guess how much fuel the truck will use. That's our job - it's not something you have stress about.



    For all inclusive truck rental services, call us on 07 4630 221 OR 0408 621 2261 today!

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