Simple, value driven costs - HAPPY WALLET (all inclusive, nothing hidden)
    Toowoomba to  Qld and NSW  

    Truck hire with a complimentary driver

    FOR LOCAL MOVES we consider YOUR pocket for costs

    • for small amounts of furniture - you'll have NO STRESS trying to fit everything in our large pantec. Get the move out of the way quickly and easily. Check our rates and compare it with other small truck hires.
    • for large amounts of furniture - we put a MAXIMUM CHARGE fo up to 10 hours for ONE LOAD.  We cap our charge at 5 hours even if you take twice that long!

    FOR DISTANCE MOVES we go the extra mile to help you

    • take the stress out of trying to do it all in one day - for most distance moves FROM TOOWOOMBA we can provide the truck the afternoon before you move, at no extra charge! Load one day, unload the next
    • this offer is only available if the truck has not already been booked the day before. BOOK EARLY.

    SAVE $$$$$$ BY LOADING AND UNLOADING YOURSELF. Check out our rates and accepted methods of payment below.

    All Inclusive Costs


    • NO STRESS - you know what your maximum local charge will be, and total charge for distance moves
    • NO GUESSES - we will verify the distance for out-of-town moves and give you a FIXED PRICE QUOTE for that distance
    • NO NEED TO ESTIMATE FUEL COST - we include fuel in our quote
    • NO CHARGE FOR TRUCK INSURANCE - we include that in our quote too, and we  don't  charge any excess. Ask other hire companies how much their truck insurance is, and if there is any excess.

    Local truck hire in Toowoomba

    $55 per hour , depot to depot

    Minimum charge - $110. Can you hire a small truck for that?

    Maximum charge - $275 (We stop charging after the first 5 hours - $275 is the maximum to 10 hours for a local job, in one trip )

    Other areas

    Charge is determined by KILOMETRES TRAVELLED and NUMBER OF DAYS TAKEN.

    Charge fluctuates as fuel prices change.

    For moves over 140 km, we’ll give you half day free on the day before you move if the truck is available, so you can load most or all of your furniture. This applies to Toowoomba uplifts only.


    Methods of payment

    Cash on uplift

    Bank transfer two days prior to uplift

    Bank cheque three days prior to uplift

    We are open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm , seven days a week, with after-hours services available. On public holidays, we operate from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

    Contact us NOW on  07 4630 2211 OR 0408 621 226  for a free quote on our reliable truck hire!

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