Have a happy move - do local moves in ONE load in ONE DAY
    based in Toowoomba, servicing Qld and NSW

    You load, we drive

    • don't have a HR truck licence? Use our EXPERIENCED DRIVER instead!
    • worried about driving a truck? Use our EXPERIENCED DRIVER instead!
    • our driver owns the truck - he will look after it AND your furniture with the utmost care.

    For over 25 years, Happy Truck Removals has been helping residents and business owners in Toowoomba move all of their belongings safely. Load your items in to our removal trucks and we will drive them to your chosen location in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, North Coast or even further. Our company has built an outstanding reputation for being with you when you most need, and we are available seven days a week.

    Stress free service

    • LET US DO THE WORRYING FOR YOU . Driving the truck should not be your worry - let our very experienced driver do it for you. Afer all, it is HIS truck and he hasn't got a spare one!
    • we'll start when YOU want to
    • JOB TOO BIG TO DO IN ONE DAY? For most out-of-town moves you can load the day before at no extra charge

    We have specialised for 25 years in transporting your personal belongings professionally, securely and safely to any local location you require. Enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing that your assets are safe on board our removals truck.

    Fully equipped pantec


    • FREE use of blankets to cover your items
    • FREE use of trolleys (BOTH 2 wheel and 4 wheel) and tie downs

    Our truck is much more than just a truck with a pantec. Our large hire vehicle saves you time and money, and comes with a complimentary driver who is fully licensed and insured with forty years experience driving large trucks.


    • It can accommodate a COMPLETE HOUSE IN ONE MOVE because it is the BIGGEST PANTEC AVAILABLE for hire (9 m x 2.4 m x  3 m) and  holds 70 cubic metres
    • It is a dedicated FURNITURE REMOVAL TRUCK with blankets, trolleys, tie downs
    • EASY LOADING AND UNLOADING with both SIDE AND REAR DOORS - ideal for sites with poor access .
    • It has AIR BAG SUSPENSION for smooth ride when transporting your furniture.

    This combination is ideal EVEN FOR SMALL LOADS . It is much easier and QUICKER to load a small amount in a large pantec - for local moves it costs no more to hire this than a small truck, with far less hassle!

    BOOK EARLY - we only have this one truck for hire. That's one of the reasons we can give you our utmost attention!

    Contact us NOW on 07 4630 2211 OR 0408 621 226 for a free quote on our removals truck

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